Johnson County
Cancer Foundation, LLC

Foundation aids family fighting against cancer Warrensburg – Madilyn and P.J. Didier know the financial strain that cancer and treatment can put on a family. Madilyn, pregnant with her second child in June 2013, learned she had a cancerous tumor under her skin, not a “cyst,” which two doctors had dismissed as “nothing to worry about.” The Red Cross brought home P.J., who had been deployed in May, to be with Madilyn for the tumor-removal surgery. Madilyn gave birth to Rileigh, Dec. 12, 2013. “Things became beyond chaotic for our family” after that, Madilyn said. “Many surgeries, treatment and traveling began to hit us hard financially.” Most people think about the medical bills and medications when they think about the cost of battling cancer, she said, but “rarely stop to think of impacts for gas to drive 300 to 600 miles a week to different appointments and different specialists; the reduced paychecks due to no longer being able to work; the impacts of the side effects from the drugs used to treat my cancer; and all the other little things that turn into big expenses that insurance does not cover.” After months of coping with the expenses, the Didiers realized “this was harder financially than we ever expected,” Madilyn said. Unexpected help made a difference. “I received a blessing in the mail – a check from the Johnson County Cancer Foundation. I cannot even begin to express the way I felt when I opened that letter,” she said, The check eased the family’s financial burden, Madilyn said. They no longer had to choose between diapers for the baby and gas to get to live-saving treatment, “I could focus on my health and beating this awful disease,” she said. “I feel blessed to live in such a great community that comes together to help each other when times get hard.”